The Silent City
When five friends wake up to find the entire planet dark and desolate, they wonder if they’re truly alone. Chilling events begin to plague them as they struggle to find a way back to the Earth they once knew…
The Locked City
The friendship had split apart. Aram is convinced that there is only one way out of the cold, desolate world and believes the answer to finding it lies in Erik's brain. Who is the real criminal among them? Can the friends survive this battle and get back to their families?
Edge of End: A Novel
Jonathan wakes up in a desert, his past wiped from his mind. A search of his clothes for clues to his identity yields no results. Who is he? Who brought him here? And why? He has only two choices to move forward: certain death in an endless desert or a little town he sees in the distance. Empty streets, dilapidated houses, and dusty cars suggest an abandoned town. There's no one to ask for help, nowhere to go. Soon, Jonathan comes to the realization that absolute evil dwells in the town, always seeking fresh souls.

His debut novel, Alignment: The Silent City, is the first book in Alignment series. It had over 10000 downloads on Amazon in the first month. The book also is featured on Wattpad and has a big audience of readers.

On Wattpad is posted the first edition of the book. Since then there were a lot of changes.

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