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The second and the last book in the Alignment Series



The friendship had split apart. 

Aram is aware of the unseen power of the Silent City and its effect on everyone, including him. An ominous, evil force, it changes human beings, luring them into doing its bidding. While struggling to find the exit and to avoid the demons on the streets, the friends must fight against the siren song of the voices in their heads. 

Arthur believes Aram has succumbed to that compulsion and gone criminally insane. Daniel sees Aram as a madman who is able to shoot his friends. Mark is confused and undecided about what to believe. Who is still a friend, and who has become an enemy? 

Aram is convinced that there is only one way out of the cold, desolate world and believes the answer to finding it lies in Erik's brain. 

Who is the real criminal among them? Can the friends survive this battle and get back to their families?

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